How Important Are Tradespeople?

How important are tradespeople in an economy? If you are a tradesman, how important are you to your business? How much do you need to be paid? Do you have any skills that could make you more employable? Can you learn new skills to earn more money and get more work? How important are tradespeople to society?


Appreciating Tradespeople

The answer to the questions above is not simple. Each tradesman has a slightly different importance. There is no hard and fast rule about how important a tradesman is, but there are some broad patterns that emerge. In most cases, there is a balance between skills and how much you need to be paid.

One of the most important things to understand about how important tradesmen are is that they are an important part of the economy. Almost every country has a system of regulated commerce, where trade is controlled and licensed to serve the public interest. Without commerce there would be chaos – what do you think happens when there are too many unlicensed traders out there? Naturally, the trade flows back into the centralised state to be re-licensed, so you can see the reason why regulating trade is such an important function of government. If you regulate trade, you can be sure that all players are playing by the same rules, which ensures that there is enough stability to encourage businesses to keep going. If you don’t regulate, chaos will ensue, and productivity and confidence in the economy will suffer.

The second thing that most people don’t appreciate about how important tradesmen are, is that their services produce jobs for people. When you supply goods and services, you create jobs. You can look at any trade in almost any country and you will see that the services created by tradesmen directly result in new jobs. There is a direct relationship between what you do, and how many people you employ.


Further Points To Consider

Finally, the third thing that is often forgotten about tradespeople is their social responsibility. Because they have such an important role in our economy, and because they have been the backbone of economic development for so long, it’s easy for people to forget that they need to be involved in the community and make themselves better known. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but if you work in an industry that really matters to the local economy, you will naturally want to get involved

It’s important not just to get out there and talk to people, but also to do something with your design skills that will appeal to the general public. You might not think that this is a big deal, but think about how important good design is to the overall health of a community. It might not be obvious to the general public, but if everyone who lives around you understands the impact that you and your business have on their lives, then you will have a strong advocate for your social agenda.


The fact is, that there are plenty of reasons for all of these things to be true. That being said, they don’t necessarily mean that the tradesman is some kind of special interest that is worthy of special attention. Trade jobs are generally the sorts of jobs that everyone can do, and because of the importance of the service they provide, they can be the kinds of jobs that most people want to do. Take some time to consider what your options are and what you’re really worth to your community and economy. It may surprise you to learn that you are a very valuable addition to any number of industries.