Increasing Number Of Jobs In The Leisure Industry

The lifeguard industry is the largest employer in the United States and offers a variety of leisure jobs. When you are employed as a lifeguard, you are basically there to keep customers safe from drowning. You have to learn some basic first aid skills and know how to swim safely in the water.

What Duties Do Lifeguards Perform?

A lifeguard can also perform other duties such as looking for lost swimmers and helping with the recovery of washed-out swimming pools. If you are interested in a position as a lifeguard, there are a number of schools that teach lifeguard skills. These schools are usually accredited by the state to guarantee that you will be properly trained.

Another area that has a growing number of leisure jobs available is in the hospitality industry. Hospitality is defined as providing services for guests including transportation, entertainment, meals, accommodations and other services. When you are working in a hospital or other type of facility, your job description may be more extensive. However, if you are dedicated and hardworking, you could find employment in a variety of places.

Additional Career Fields Related To Leisure

One field that has an increasing number of available positions is in the event management field. An event manager is typically employed in a company or as an independent consultant. In the past, event managers were employed by large hotels and resorts but today there are many event management firms that focus on small businesses. You can find employment in a number of different venues if you are interested in this field. An example might be a golf course or luxury resort. You might even start your own business in the leisure industry, if you enjoy interacting with clients and executives.

Similar to event management, there are also many professional firms that employ people to run events and to oversee them. Many of these activities require interpersonal skills. If you are interested in these types of roles within the leisure and business world, there are a number of online classes and courses that you can take to enhance your skills and to prepare for work within this field.

Another very popular area of job opportunities exists within the tourism industry. Because so many tourists visit Australia each year for business, leisure and other reasons, the tourism industry is in need of a diverse group of staff members. One of the most common jobs within this industry involves being a tour operator, responsible for organising and managing trips for groups of tourists.

Building Skills In Tourism

Tourism can be a very rewarding career, but it requires certain skills. If you have the necessary skills and qualifications, you could become a travel operator or a holiday park manager. These jobs involve liaising with travellers and organising activities and accommodation around their visit. For instance, you might be responsible for planning a trip for a whole group of adults, or for a group of children visiting from overseas. Most organisations like to hire experienced individuals who have excellent communication and organisational skills.

Skills in tourism are essential if you want to be able to learn more about a local area or alternatively introduce people from outside that area to its culture or history.