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Pallet trolleys and the benefits to the construction industry

Within the construction industry Pallet trolleys play a vital role in moving supplies and goods in warehouse environments as well as stores. They can be used in a number of different environments and are robust and easy to use. Pallet trolleys are also known as pallet jacks. These were first introduced into the world around the 1920s as the world required a device capable of moving heavy goods across relatively small distances. Pallet trolleys have helped revolutionise the way logistics firms and construction companies operate as they can now move higher volumes of goods more effectively thanks to the wide availability of this product.

Pallet trolley

Effects of Pallet trolleys on employment and business

In terms of employment It can be stated that the pallet trolley has had a overwhelmingly positive effect as it enables workers to complete manual handling tasks much more safely as in the past it may have required more labour and could also have been more dangerous. Pallet trolleys in the current working environment are extremely safe and robust and are specifically designed to assist the worker/employee in their role.

Innovation and technological advancements Since the introduction of the pallet trolley at the start of the 20th century there has been a large number of variations of the pallet trolley with some capable of carrying up to two tonnes of goods. Furthermore, companies have developed electronic versions of pallet trolleys which can drive goods longer distances within for example a warehouse environment. This has a big impact on labour and efficiency meaning employers are able to streamline their operations and enable a safe working environment for their workers.
Some companies have begun producing fully automated autonomous versions of parcel trolleys which can transport goods up to 3 tonnes. This illustrates how much the development of this invention has progressed and how innovations are being made to improve it consistently.

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Alternatives to pallet trolleys
In terms of alternatives to pallet trolleys there are a number of different options. One such option may be the forklift truck. The forklift is different in the sense that it can carry bigger loads however it could be argued that compared to pallet trolleys it is not as effective cost wise as Forklifts generally speaking cost significantly more than a pallet trolley and also require the driver of the forklift to go through a comprehensive training course before they can actually operate the forklift safely. This can potentially lead to increased costs for the business and ultimately mean its less cost effective.

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