Model skull with brain inside to teach about the mind

Ways to Keep Your Mind Focused and Your Brain Healthy

Ever thought or verbalised that you miss the good old days? Are you reminiscent of “simpler times”? Welcome to adulthood! There’s no specific age that marks your entry to adulthood and most people measure their adultness differently. One of the more common understandings of being an adult is having responsivities that you actually take responsibility for and care about. The most general responsibility is the financial cycle: having a job, keeping the job and even doing well at it, making money and paying your bills. It’s one if the biggest most depressing cycles of life. We all need money to live and nearly everyone has to work hard to earn that money. There are many benefits and positive things that come out of this cycle but the by-products are usually various types of detrimental effects on our minds, our bodies and emotions. When it comes to the mind it can get tired from all the working, worrying, planning, counting and dreaming (day and night) so it’s important to practice a few things to keep your mind in good shape.

Take Naps

We all need sleep for our bodies and our brains to function, yet due to busy and chaotic lives a lot of people don’t get the amount of sleep they actually need. Taking a nap has been proven to improve brain function, increase memory and improve your mood.

Image of the galaxy representing the expansive scopes of the mind

Encourage Creativity

It has been said that when you are tired, the creative side of your brain works better. So take advantage of this anomaly and do something creative before you go to bed. Even just fifteen minutes added to your bed time routine could have you making something beautiful in just a matter of weeks.

Prioritise and Time Management

The struggle is real for getting our priorities in order and allocating sufficient time to get everything done. Most of us have millions of things we are thinking about and so many goals we want to achieve on a daily basis alone that this is very overwhelming. This is a gentle reminder that the brain can only focus on one thing at a time, literally. It is impossible for your brain to focus on two things at once. So extreme multitasking is going to result in one of your tasks not getting done properly, especially if both require a little brain power. The trick is to focus your mind on one thing at a time. With mobile phones and social media and the pressure to get everything done straight away weighing down on us it is easy to get distracted. From this point going forward put effort into focusing on one time at a time. If you succeed you will be amazed at how quickly you start flying through your tasks.

Paint bottles and paint splatter over a large white canvas for creativity for the mind

Additional Suggestions

The list goes on and on for ways to feed your mind and keep your brain healthy, the top contenders are listed below:

  • Write on Real Paper
  • Take a daily Multi-vitamin
  • Learn a New Language
  • Meditate