high lift pallet truck

A Guide To The High Lift Pallet Truck

The high lift pallet truck is a piece of equipment which can be used in many different environments in order to move heavy goods at height.

Without the use of the high lift pallet truck many businesses would struggle to fulfill daily tasks as well as meet the demand of day to day supply.

high lift pallet truck

What Is The High Lift Pallet Truck?

The high lift pallet truck is a piece of equipment which is designed to aid workers with the loading and unloading of pallets as well as moving heavier goods at heights. this form of pallet truck can lift items to heights just out of normal reach and excels at moving heavier items short distances. Generally speaking high lift pallet trucks can handle weights of half a tonne but there are other models which can lift more than this amount.

The original purpose of this form of equipment was to greatly reduce the risk of injury involved for workers who are moving heavy goods around in the workplace. One of the main advantages of the high lift truck is that workers do not have to bend over to reach crates or carry items at height.

What Are The Main Benefits Of The Pallet Truck And Where Has It Been Used?

There are a number of different benefits to the high lift pallet truck and it has been used in many different environments. One of the main benefits of the pallet truck is it flexibility. The pallet truck can be used in retail , construction , logistics and many other environments thanks to its lightweight and mobile design. Furthermore , it require little training to use and can be setup and in use within a matter of minutes. Compared to using more manual labour the pallet truck is significantly more efficient as it almost eliminates the risk of injury and allows for faster more productive work rates.

high lift pallet truck

What Are The Alternatives To The High Lift Pallet Truck

As well as the pallet truck there a number of different alternative forms of equipment which could be used. The forklift truck is likely one of the most recognisable forms of equipment which can commonly be found in construction or logistics environments. The forklift has a number of different advantages as well as disadvantages compared with the pallet truck.

One of the main advantages of the forklift truck is the amount of weight that it can shift. Typically the forklift truck can move weights up to and over one or two tonnes. This is significantly more than most other equipment. A further advantage of the forklift truck is it is powered by a motor and only requires one person to operate meaning that it can be used to for extended periods of time improving overall efficiency.

On the other hand there are of course some disadvantages to the forklift truck. One of the main disadvantages is it requires a training course for the operator to undertake before using the forklift. This can be time consuming and costs the business money and labour time.