How The Careers And Education Industries Have Changed Over The Past 20 Years

Over the past twenty years there has been a big change in the way people gain jobs as well as an education within the UK. Part of this is due to the development of new technologies as well as older recruitment methods being phased out. This poses the question of how has the UK and careers industry/education industry changed as we know it? What are the benefits and disadvantages of this?

The Changing World Of Recruitment

Recruitment has always been a dynamic and ever changing area which has seen a lot of change within recent years. One of the biggest change within recruitment has been prompted from the significantly wider use of computers and technology. In previous years job applications could be done by paper or in person. However now recruitment is almost entirely done online for the majority of large firms online which has led to less human interaction in the recruitment front and in many cases this has made it more difficult for people to gain employment.

Another big change that has been observed within recruitment is the way people find jobs. Previously people would have heard about job advertisements through word of mouth or by seeing an advert in a local newspaper , on a shop sign or advertised within the store. In the present day job advertisements can now be found mainly online with job search engines such as indeed or myjobscotland receiving millions of visits each month. One of the main reasons for this increase in digital activity has been due to the number of computers now being used in education as well as within different industries in order to perform day to day operations.

What Effect Have Computers And Online Recruitment Had On Recruitment As A Whole?

Overall there have been both positive and negative effects on recruitment as a whole. One of the main negative effects that computers have had on recruitment as a whole has been a much more competitive market for recruitment. This is because there is a massive scope for applications online and due to the number of people looking for work at the same time in some cases some posts may have hundreds of applications for just one position.

Furthermore the process of online applications/ recruitment can be a very monotonous and repetitive task which can leave prospective candidates feeling depressed or stressed due to the long gruelling process of looking for work which lacks little to any human interaction and can be a drawn out process. Applications can be rejected within hours sometimes even minutes via email and this can prove to be extremely demoralising over time for those who are actively looking for work.

What Can Be Done To Change/Improve Recruitment Overall?

In order to change or improve recruitment there needs to be a number of changes made. One of the main changes that could be made to improve the overall process is more feedback from employers as well as government workshops to assist with employment. More feedback about job applications coupled with government workshops to assist with employment could greatly improve employment prospects overall for people looking for work.