Via Verrata is the scaling of mountains and cliff sides as part of an organised outdoor pursuits course

What You Should Know About Via Ferrata and Why Do It

One of the greatest experiences a hiker can ever have is walking or climbing through a Via Ferrata. Travelling through a Via Ferrata provides access to places initially left for rock climbers and mountain climbers. These are fantastic moments where you will be thrilled by the fascinating views from positions not explored by many people. It provides excellent access to the incredible scenes than which the hiking trails can offer. It is also good because it provides an element of safety as it allows for handholds that assist in balance hence enabling one to attach to the rock. If you want to climb a Via Ferrata, there is no previous experience required. Provided that one is not afraid of heights, and want a different experience with the Dolomites, Via Ferrata offers you one of the most memorable adventures and climbing on these things can never get enough! Some ladders and cables are provided, and so the inexperienced climbers can go through these spectacular mountains safely. However, although Via Ferrata offers great adventure, there are some things that you should know before going out on your hikes. Here we give you some tips:

To Avoid Queues, Go Early

Via Ferrata usually has one route that has to be followed by all. It is difficult to overtake as everyone is clipped on the same wire. On courses that are popular, you can have a massive queue, usually blocked by people going slowly at the front. To avoid these inconveniences, you need to go early in order to take the first car of the cable up the mountain.

Picturesque view of Scottish countryside with large mountains suitable for Via Ferrata

Wear Safety Gear

You will need simple mountain climbing equipment. This includes gloves, two short ropes attached to the harness and a helmet. You will have a great experience if you wear padded gloves that are fingerless. You will also need a rucksack. You should buy quality via ferrata kits because your life will depend on your protective gears in case of a fall. You should avoid static ropes because there are more better and reliable ropes in the market that can serve you well.

Stay Committed to the End

When you take part in Via Ferrata you are supposed to remain committed to the journey from the start to the end. Most via ferrets have no escape routes, and hence you may never be able to get off in the middle of the journey. Although there are some that will offer escape routes, it is always good that you stay and see the end of this great adventure.

Birdseye View of adventurers taking part in Via Ferrata on mountain side

Beware of Weather Elements

When climbing during Via Ferretta you should be careful in lousy weather. Although Snow and ice may not pose a great danger, they are likely to affect your footholds which can be dangerous. What you should be very careful is the storm. Remember that you are at the top of a mountain with no barrier around you. This means that, in case of a storm, you are likely to be hit directly which can be very dangerous. Always ensure that you check the weather before going on this adventure.

There is a Cost

Although many Via Feretta courses are located on land that is open to the public, they are charged, and you have to pay to access them. Many are managed by commercial enterprises where the land is privately owned. You should always look for prices that are within your reach.