Open road laid with tarmac in Glasgow with tall trees on one side

Guide to Services Specialising in Laying Tarmac in Glasgow

RM Kennedy & Sons is a company offering expert services in laying tarmac in Glasgow.  We all rely on asphalt and tarmac in everyday life. This concrete substance is used to build the roads we drive on, the carparks we park in and the driveways we walk down to get into our homes. Although it is something that people don’t give much thought to, without tarmac we would be living very different lives. Our dependency on tarmac to get around means that maintaining its healthy condition is very important. Unfortunately factors such as weather, general wear and tear, and road accidents cause the road surfaces to become damaged. It is important therefore to have professionals to lay tarmac as it will solidify the durability of the substance. Below is a guide to these services.

RM Kennedy & Sons

This company are resurfacing experts with years of experience in the industry of laying tarmac in Glasgow. The process of relaying tarmac is called tarmac overlaying and is something this business knows a lot about. They install a new layer of tarmac directly over the old layer. Specific materials must be used and applied professionally in order to achieve the best results. It takes a specific skillset and plenty of experience to be able to apply this new overlay correctly in order to ensure that edging courses that are damaged or loose are being repaired along the way.

Large pot hole in tarmac in Glasgow with puddle and reflection of man taking a photograph

Importance of Tarmac Glasgow

The weather in Glasgow is formidable, with relentless rain and storms interspersed with snow and hail throughout the winter, the roads are often left in disarray. With Glasgow being a densely populated area and lots of traffic filtering through and in and around the city on a daily basis, any cracks or pot holes in the road are usually worsened and can cause a lot of damage to motor vehicles. For this reason, having durable tarmac in Glasgow is a necessity. It also means that as the roads are constantly being repaired, it is only feasible to have highly skilled professionals installing the new asphalt and tarmac.

What is Tarmac and what are the Benefits of this Product?

Tarmacadam is a bituminous material which is used for paving. This name is shortened to tarmac often but is also known as asphalt. In laymen’s terms it is broken stone and tar that has been professionally mixed and shaped. The advantages of using tarmac for driveways for example, are that it is much less maintenance than alternative pathways such as monoblock paving. RM Kennedy & Sons offer a comprehensive service of both laying tarmac in Glasgow and asphalt laying as well.

Close up of tarmac in Glasgow with double yellow lines and leaves strewn across road

Other Services from RM Kennedy & Sons

If you need help with other areas of your grounds either domestic or commercial, RM Kennedy & Sons offer many services as well as laying tarmac in Glasgow.

  • Patios
  • Drainage Work
  • Tarmac Drives
  • Landscaping
  • Re-surfacing
  • White Lining
  • Paving Work
  • Tarmac Laying
  • Asphalt Repair
  • Tarmac Repair