Orthodontist in Glasgow holding Invisalign clear braces and needle for teeth whitening

Where to Find a High Quality Orthodontist in Glasgow

The Berkeley Clinic is a high quality dental practice based in the city centre of Glasgow serving their private patients with a glorious range of high end dental services including veneers, teeth whitening and teeth straightening. Being born with nice teeth is a blessing, however most of us are cursed with at least a few imperfections such as discoloration, crookedness, and gaps between teeth and over bites. As part of the NHS, children under the age of eighteen are offered free treatment by an orthodontist in Glasgow if referred by their dentist. Unfortunately some children miss this opportunity either through indifference at a young age or fear of being ridiculed for having braces. In addition there are some people who develop problems with their teeth later in life as it is natural for teeth to move over time. This article will outline all you need to know about highly sought after dental and orthodontic clinic in Glasgow.

Orthodontist in Glasgow Clinic with dentist chair and specialist machines

The Benefits of the Berkeley Clinic

This Glasgow based surgery is one of the most sought after clinics in the city as they provide such a comprehensive service, tailoring to individual needs of patients in the most impressive ways imaginable. First of all it is important to note that the Berkeley Clinic do everything in house. From consultations to dental check-ups, from 3D scans and impressions for veneers and braces to root canal to manufacturing of veneers and braces. They have an in house technician and lab where all moulds are made to fit each patient. Usually with other orthodontists in Glasgow you have to have the moulds fitted and then sent away to have the braces made. This can delay treatments for several weeks. On top of that if there is a problem with your brace, for example if it is ill fitting or damaged in some way, you will have to send it away again and wait again for a follow up appointment. At the Berkeley Clinic, in most cases, you can have all of your fittings and treatments done in one day.

Trustworthy Orthodontist in Glasgow

At the Berkeley Clinic there is an entire department dedicated to the correct treatment of patients who suffer from dental anxiety. Anyone who suffers from any type of anxiety condition will understand the difficulty in participating in any kind of activity that triggers your ailment and the stress it can cause to try and fight your symptoms. This clinic take due care to ensure that you are comfortable and will do everything they can to ensure you receive the treatment you want without suffering too much duress.

Model teeth with braces applied on table in orthodontist in Glasgow

Options for Orthodontics

If you do require an orthodontist in Glasgow and are considering the Berkeley Clinic you will be keen to know that they have a rich choice of teeth straightening options including:

  • Invisalign Clear Braces
  • Adult Braces
  • Inman Aligner Clear Braces