Notebook planner with a pen laid out on table as part of self care plan

How to Practice Self-Care in 2018 and why you should Care

By now you must have heard about self-care: the cultural phenomenon that urges us to prioritise time for ourselves. This could be in having an evening per week designated to applying a face mask or treating yourself to a bubble bath several times a week. The phrase “treat yourself” has exploded into meme culture as it has become an integral part of social conversation. Many people, most commonly women, are known to put everyone else’s needs before their own and often sacrifice their own energies, time, money, feelings and sanity to enhance that of those around them. Although this may sound commendable, it is leaving us feeling frazzled and worn out which isn’t good for anyone’s mental or physical health. So it’s finally time to give something back to yourself. Dedicate some time for you and if you don’t know where to start you can read this article for ideas.

Book laid out beside a cup of tea and some fruit as self care routine

Check Something off Your To-Do List

This may seem like an oxymoron: completing a chore as part of self-care. However, completing a task that in your mind is of value and importance, and will contribute positively to your life then actually taking the time to do it is taking care of yourself. It’s crossing one more thing off that list and clearing it from your mind. Feeling productive can be very uplifting and improve your mood. Examples of tasks could be as small as making your bed or doing all the dishes after dinner.

Read For Pleasure

Many of us working in an office know that all we do all day is read. We read blogs and personal emails on the way to work; we read emails, client information and industry news throughout the day; some people like myself write for a living and spend every second of the day re-reading my own work. Understandably, the thought of reading more when you get home can seem like torture. Yet if you used to take pleasure in reading, whether it was a novel, a poem or a magazine you should try setting time aside for that special type of literature. You may even be able to get it on audio book which is even better! No more straining your eyes, simply pop your headphones in, shut your eyes and enjoy.

Sunset at the beach and two people walking in the distance practising self care

Unplug Yourself

Digital Detoxing is one of the sure ways to calm your mind. In today’s modern life we are always on the go, mobile in hand 24/7 like it’s a fifth limb and permanently staring at screens. Logging off, switching off and taking a full break from all things digital for at least an hour will make you feel 1000 times better.


Listen to Music

Music is soothing for the soul so have your favourite playlist on in the background while you cook or clean the house. You could play music while you shower or take a bath. Any time you can spend listening to cheerful tunes while not working or staring at a screen will be all the better for you.


Let Nature Take Its Course

Meaning get outside for a while. As simple as it sounds, being around the natural world and connecting with the earth is a sure way to feel grounded, centred and calm.