Two girls walking in nature to get fit

Lifestyle Guide: The Latest Trends in Getting Fit 2018 Style

That’s so 2018. Lately, it’s all about keeping up with the latest trends in fitness, fashion, food, self-care and pretty much every little aspect of human life. Likely this is down to social media which now dominates the sharing of culture through mobile devices. It’s quick and it’s forever changing so you have to move fast if you don’t want to miss it. Fitness and wellbeing has been trending for years now with the foods we eat finally under the microscope and on the silver screen (and the internet) showing us the discrepancies between what we think we are doing to our bodies and what we actually are doing, both in terms of food and fitness. Our favourite lifestyle bloggers and celebrities share their work out routines daily while also flashing their killer bods, pushing us to get moving and strive to be the heathiest and let’s face it most attractive version of ourselves. So to get fit 2018 style we’ve compiled a list of all the latest fitness trends that you can start practising right now (and post you doing it on Instragram as well of course.)


Boxers are incredibly fit with their typical routines mimicked all over the world by less than professionals who are trying to build strength and endurance yet also getting themselves looking lean. It’s a classic method for improving fitness and isn’t going anywhere. Try finding your local boxing gym and seeing if they will offer lessons. Even once a week on top of your regular gym sessions is a sure way for you to get fit fast.

Girl in boxing gear who wants to get fit

Online Classes

2018 is all about convenience and looking out for yourself. Gone are the days when you have to adhere to the gym group classes and it’s a race to sign up to the best one which is only on 6:30pm on a Wednesday and the gym is heaving! You can now work out at home easily using any of the free fitness channels on YouTube. Alternatively, if you don’t have much space at home for a full blown work-out or maybe you enjoy getting out to the gym and having some “me time” then you can take advantage of fitness videos provided by your gym instructors. Most modern gyms have projectors installed in the fitness suites meaning you can get a private class all to yourself or take in a few friends.

Row of bikes with people cycling watching an online class and getting fit

Walking in Nature

Although 2018 will see vast developments in technology and the use of apps and other mobile technology is over spilling into pretty much every aspect of life there is also a growing understanding of the importance of getting back to nature. More and more people are spending weekends going hill walking or cycling round little islands and seaside towns. Looking for some exercise? Get outside! Not only will it help you to get fit but it will also relax your mind and make you feel more centred and connected to the elements around you.