Sketch of woman's face torn in half representing the struggle for perfection through plastic surgery in Glasgow

Leading Clinician in Plastic Surgery Glasgow | Guide

You may have caught the documentary that aired in February 2016, focusing on arguably the best clinic providing plastic surgery in Glasgow Dr Darren McKeown. The programme was called “Facelifts and Fillers” and provided an exclusive look inside Dr Darren’s […]

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Orthodontist in Glasgow holding Invisalign clear braces and needle for teeth whitening

Where to Find a High Quality Orthodontist in Glasgow

The Berkeley Clinic is a high quality dental practice based in the city centre of Glasgow serving their private patients with a glorious range of high end dental services including veneers, teeth whitening and teeth straightening. Being born with nice […]

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Via Verrata is the scaling of mountains and cliff sides as part of an organised outdoor pursuits course

What You Should Know About Via Ferrata and Why Do It

One of the greatest experiences a hiker can ever have is walking or climbing through a Via Ferrata. Travelling through a Via Ferrata provides access to places initially left for rock climbers and mountain climbers. These are fantastic moments where […]

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Model skull with brain inside to teach about the mind

Ways to Keep Your Mind Focused and Your Brain Healthy

Ever thought or verbalised that you miss the good old days? Are you reminiscent of “simpler times”? Welcome to adulthood! There’s no specific age that marks your entry to adulthood and most people measure their adultness differently. One of the […]

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